Post Birth Control Journey Week 10

The start of this week is a complete struggle. My anxiety is fucking crazy and all I can think of is worse case senerios about my life. I seriously have tired so much things for my anxiety and things that was working is no longer working and I know its because of my hormonal imbalance. I went to the Gyn yesterday Feb 25th and it was a very frustrating appointment expressing my issues and no one wants to do something about it. I had to fight to get labs drawn. Like if I dont feel right why not find out why vs giving me a pill that wont fix my issues. When your labs are not at the right levels your body can go crazy which is whats going on with me but no doctor is fucking listening. I really want to see a holistic doctor but most are not covered under my insurance. I am not giving up I did get my GYN to put in some labs which I had then drawn today so I am hoping to get some answers and will talk to my primary doctor to check the other labs that she refused to order. I just need prayers and positive vibes because man I am breaking apart mentally.

My week in review

Day 65

Yet Again another night sweat. Still lots of anxiety and depression happening trying to stay strong through this. I get to see my gyn next week so hopefully I can get done labs taken to see where my levels are to finally get done answers. 1220pm got my period.

Day 66

Day 2 of my period yesterday it started out a little heavy and today it’s light. I never been so happy yo have my period but I have to be honest I didn’t miss the symptoms lol. I’m bloated and the cramps ugh but they are tolerable and I just bought this magnesium spray for pain as well as I will be using cbd with thc for my period cramps instead of pain killers because they also effect your hormones. I’m feeling really tired today but I have a busy day to need to just tackle this day and I can’t wait to bed time lol.

Day 67/68

Still have my period but the flow decreased drastically and the color never changed. Cramps subsided bloat is insane right now making me feel uncomfortable. I have a trip next month to DR and it’s been the hardest to try to stay on track like I normally do to get ready for a vacation. Trying to stay positive but seems like my estrogen levels are making me gain some unwanted weight.

Day 69

Feeling a little bit of cramps again. Still haven’t been Able to remove my snacking entirely but it has gotten way way better. I’m still anxious AF but I did try cryo and float on Friday that we’re extremely relaxing but I didn’t see much change in my anxiety which is common because those type of treatments you have to do often to see any changes. I’m just trying to keep my head above water these days. Praying this funk goes away soon.

Day 70

Another anxiety morning with palpitations. I’m so tired of waking up with anxiety it’s the worst feeling in the world and just feel like I have no control over myself. As much of self care I’m doing and trying all the right things right now nothing is helping but today I go to my gyn so I’m hoping they can draw labs and see where my hormones are at this point. Praying for answers and relief

Day 71

Anxiety filled morning getting so tired of waking up like this. Yesterday I seen my gyn and she wasn’t listening to me. I had to fight to get labs done on me. I’m just so feisty with doctors I clearly have a hormonal imbalance but no one wants to do anything about it. I combined my gyn to do some testing but still have some other labs I have to convince my primary to do. I just Wish I can find a naturopathic doctor that my insurance covers to finally get some damn answers and a solution to my problems. Starting cranking again when I started my workout.

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