Post Birth Control Journey Week 11

This week was the fucking worse; waking up with anxiety everyday and having to fight doctors to check my damn labs is just ridiculous. After forcing my doctors to draw some labs I have found out that my thyroid levels are elevated at 10 where they want to me to see a endocrinologist but I know all they want to do is put me on another hormone I dont need. My progesterone is low and testosterone is slightly elevated which is why I feel like shit. I am over my doctors so now I have 2 options that I will looking into. I just need answers and a natural way to heal myself. Many doctors don't know the effects of long term birth control and they always dismiss our symptoms because they think we are hormonal but its just that; we are hormonal because our hormones are not where they need to be. I hope my story is helping inspire you to be your own advocate because many doctors are not doing their jobs in helping us. They prescribe blindly without ever checking your labs. When you are on BC it actually depletes alot of your hormones, vitamins and minerals. These depletion's can cause alot of issues. Its ok to stay on birth control if thats the only way you feel good about preventing pregnancy but its important to be aware on how to take care of your body while you are on it which is what I wish someone would have told me. Also id you want to get off I highly recommence for you to read beyond the pill and get yourself a good functional medicine physician or naturopathic that will help you get off of it and support you through the crazy symptoms that will happen when you get off. For me it has really hit my thyroid levels, my anxiety and depression are through the roof. I still haven't gained my libido back, have not had a real period except for some spotting in February, still dry AF, fatigued, no motivation and the list of shit goes on but I am staying strong and I will keep searching to heal myself naturally because right now I am in the risk of having hypothyroidism and I be dan if that happened over a damn BC pill. Here is what happened when some of you hormones are out of balance

Here is my week in review

Day 72

Yesterday was an extremely hard day for me. I cried so much sometimes I think to myself am I ever going to feel better. Hormonal imbalance is no joke. I’ve been taking my night time meds early to get to sleep early just to stop thinking negative. The negative thoughts are constant and I just wish I can find relief. This morning seems like it’s going to be another day like yesterday. Just have to stay strong and hopeful. Feeling cramping again

Day 73

Gyn called saying it was important she told me my thyroid levels are elevated at 10 where I need to see a endocrinologist. I possibly have hypothyroidism that the birth control caused. Now I’m freaking out because I don’t just want to be put on medication I want them to fix my hormone imbalance so that my levels go to normal again which I know is possible but not with the doctors I see now. Today I’ll be calling my insurance to see what are my options and still waiting for my other lab results.

Day 74

Another day of feeling like shit since Wednesday I havnt felt right then getting that lab test I’m just like broken. My heart feels like it’s coming out of my chest but I have to wait to Monday to call a new doctor that’s going to take me serious and not put me on meds.

Day 75/76

Man it’s been really hard lately. Palpitations literally all day. I decided to get iv therapy to help boost my vitamins but after that treatment I didn’t feel a difference which makes me think that I am so depleted. I found a new doctor that is suppose to be holistic but my appointment is for the 17th of March and I’m struggling so much right now I hate that I have to wait. This is the hardest shit I ever went through and I’m tired of feeling like this

Day 77

I am hoping and praying this week is better for me. I have orders to not workout since my body is stressed already if I worked out it causes more stress onto my body. I am just going to take it easy try boy stay positive because my anxiety really takes over and I feel like I just make my self sick with worry.

Day 78

Same shit different story waking up with anxiety everyday is no fucking joke. I stood home yesterday tried to relax yet I just had so much shit on my mind about my health that it’s hard to relax. Today I’m going for a walk and to do yoga hoping it relaxes me today.

Day 79

Still waking up with anxiety but yesterday was a much better day for me. I went to the gym to walk and do yoga and it really felt good. I was more productive than I have ever been. My labs came back and my progesterone is really low and my testosterone is slightly elevated which is another reason why I feel like poop. Calling around for different doctors who will give me a faster appointment to check more labs so that I can fix my depletion’s.

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