The rise of fitness/healthy lifestyle influencers

Fitness is extremely important in our lives; it is truly a powerful tool to adopt in your life to lower stress and prevent disease. Working out has many benefits but my favorite side effect is making you feel happier with the chemicals that are released during and after a workout. Who doesn’t want to be happier? With the rise of social media like YouTube and Instagram it has given many individuals a safe space to share their journey without judgement. Social Media has allowed us to have access to fitness influencers that have inspired and motivated many to start their own journeys. We all know that working out and trying to eat healthy can definitely be a hard thing to start but having influencers online really does help with feeling supported. Because of social media It is now so much easier to find a coach that you relate to that you feel comfortable hiring to help you reach that goal body you have always wished for. It also gives people the opportunity to find an affordable way to get start on their fitness journeys and even allows them to see results at home for those who are afraid to step foot in the gym.

I know when I started my own fitness journey back in 2012 I was excited to share my progress and I made a fitness instagram account just to inspire my friends and family to move their bodies. I was extremely shocked on the amount of support that I received through sharing and being real and it became a healthy addiction to educate my followers on how to adopt a healthy lifestyle. This addiction of sharing then turned into something I never thought would happen but now fitness is my life and I help thousands of women every year get physically and emotionally fit. Without social media an average girl like myself would have never had this opportunity to help women all over the world. Fitness influencers have given us the push we needed to adopt a healthy lifestyle and there are so many amazing people on social media wanting to help and educate you on becoming your best self. The best part is that anyone now can be a fitness influencer and I truly believe that becoming an influencer myself has helped me stay more consistent and motivated on reaching my own goals.

If you are thinking to yourself I can never do that or fitness is just too hard stop right there. It doesn’t matter how old or young you are. It is never too late to start your own journey. Just like the amazing @trainwithjoan a 73 year old fitness influencer that is constantly learning how to better herself from the younger community. Check out her story, she is so inspirational and shows you that you can do anything you set your mind to do. Age is just a number. Do not let anyone ever tell you any different. Get started today because your health and happiness depends on it.

Here are the top 10 Instagram fitness stars and influencers to follow in 2020 to help you get your journey started and check out Tad Inque "The Diet Coach" to help inspire you.

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