Post Birth Control Journey Week 12

This week has been a little brighter than the last. With resting and only doing walking and yoga it has really helped. I am now only getting anxiety in the morning compared to last week I felt freaking miserable with no energy or motivation. Things I did differently is no intense workouts, eating more veggies and adding a much better prenatal that has all the vitamins that birth control depletes. Next week March 17th ill have my appointment with a new doctor in hopes that this doctor will listen to my symptoms and help me heal naturally vs trying to prescribe me another synthetic hormone pill that will make me even more sick and really isn't a cure just a temporary fix. I know hormone imbalances can be fixed with herbal supplements and diet so I refuse to be on medication that I know I do not need. My thyroid levels are elevated and I know I have always had a slight enlarged thyroid that every new doctor always want to check my labs on it which is important but I have had many normal TSH levels so I dont feel like I actually have hypothyroidism. I really think it was the brith control. Jan 2019 my TSH was elevated to 8 but then Oct 2019 it drop to normal levels and now its back up to 10. I would have been more concerned if it stayed elevated but it has been at a normal range for some time in the past as well. I also noticed that back in Jan of 2019 I was so freaking stressed out and that was the time my anxiety was the worst and when I got my levels checked again last month I was extremely stressed out with anxiety so I feel like stress can elevate your levels as well. I am hoping for a normal TSH level when I see my next doctor because my anxiety has improved I am a little concerned about hypothyroidism though because I have many of the symptoms like cold hands and feet, hair loss, dry skin, fatigue, anxiety, depression, palpations but when I look back I feel like these symptoms especially my cold hands and feet have been an issue for a few years not my entire life so I am staying confident that this can be fixed and that I dont have to deal with a long term diagnosis that will truly change my life.

Here is my week in review

Day 80

Still waking up with bad anxiety but thank for it goes away after a few hours. As hard as it is to stay positive during this tone it’s all u can do because dwelling on bad shit just makes me more sick. I put on a smoke because I know I am strong and I will get through this. Doctors appointment is coming and I’ll hopefully get mine labs checked and get some answers on healing naturally.

Day 81

Continuing with the rough anxiety mornings. I always wake up to palpitations and worry but distraction helps and not trying to think about it. Yesterday I went with my husband for dance lessons and we had a great time. For once I wasn’t thinking about how I felt or my worries. We will be going back every Thursday for the next 5 weeks so this should be a good mental escape for me. I know I have to find hobbies that bring me joy so that i don’t dwell on the bad shit.

Day 82/83

Morning anxiety just hasn’t gone away and dealing with habit bloating. It doesn’t matter if I eat or don’t eat I’m just bloated. It’s truly frustrating when your eating clean and it just feels like your bit because of your bloating but the weekend has been ok. Feeling fatigued and tired again so relaxed all weekend.

Day 84

Another week of rest. I won’t be working out again this week just walking and yoga. This journey is feeling hard. I can’t wait to feel like myself again. Taking it easy is all I can do right now because stress can make things worse. Seeing a new doctor on the 17th in hopes they draw more labs and help me fix my problems naturally.

Day 85

Things feel repetitive but I feel like my nothing anxiety is getting a little better. Resting my body and not working out intensively maybe helping. I just hope and pray that my thyroid levels have dropped back to normal. I’m so scared to have hypothyroidism and I just feel like it’s truly unfair to deal with this condition because of birth control. Trying not to dwell on it but sometimes it’s hard not to

Day 86

I keep waking up way before my alarm goes off I honestly don’t know if I an even getting 7-8 hours of sleep which is important so for me to help heal my hormones. Still waking up with palpitations and anxiety but I’m grateful my days are getting better. Just the waiting game now until my next appointment.

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