Post Birth Control Journey Week 14

This week has been truly hard. After my vacation got cancelled due to the coronavirus my anxiety has been so bad. Its honestly the only thing I was looking forward to because its been such a hard tough ride since December with my birth control. Its hard to stay positive when it feels like nothing is going right. I am on day 5 of taking my supplement called Thyromend that is suppose to help lower my TSH in hopes that it lowers my anxiety. I completed a nuerotransmitter test yesterday that will tell me whats going on in my brain. I cant wait to feel better. Most days im tired, anxious, heart coming out of my chest and feeling hopeless. I have no motivation or excitement and everything is causing me anxiety even relaxing. I have been taking lottos CBD and noticed I need very high doses in order to control my anxiety right now. If you havnt tried CBD highly recommend it and I love soul CBD there dummies are delicious and calms me down. You can use my code Fit4arn to save on your purchases as well. I hope you all are doing ok through this coronavirus scare. I almost feeling lie we are living in a movie and I cant wait till this ends because its truly taking a tool on my health, mental health and business. If you are struggling with coronavirus anxiety check out the tips below and do some mediations on podcast. My fav are women's meditation netownr, tune into you and meditation minis. All of these have crononavirus specific meditations.

Here is my week in review

Day 93

I can’t wait to receive my supplement that’s going to help bring my thyroid levels down. My anxiety was so bad yesterday and I know this whole coronavirus is giving me even more anxiety especially going on social media I’m just over it. Today I just want to relax and try to slow my heart rate down right now it’s pounding out of my chest which is not a good feeling. Can’t wait to feel better

Day 94

It’s ok to not feel ok and I’m definitely not ok. My anxiety is at its all time high with all that’s going on. Thank god my medicine is suppose to arrive today. I just hope it helps lower my TSH levels in hopes it decreases my anxiety. At this time I’m just going to rest, focus on self care and try to stay away from social media as much as I can because it’s heightening my anxiety seeing the coronavirus post. Please take care of your mental health especially during this time.

Day 95/96

My medicine has arrived and I just hope this helps my anxiety. My tsh being high is one of the biggest reasons mu my anxiety is uncontrollable at this time. This weekend I slept my life away and had no energy to do anything. I feel so down again I just want some relief.

Day 97

It’s day 3 of my medicine and I’m just dreading to start my day honestly. Fear and hopelessness has just been on my mind way too much lately. My business is bot running the same due to the coronavirus which brings on my fear that I don’t need right now as I am trying to heal and get better from this hormonal imbalance. New routines give me anxious but I’ll have to keep my self busy to distract myself from what’s going on in this world.

Day 98

Today take my neurotransmitter test. I have to pee 4x on a filter paper the doctor gave me then ship it to get tested. This test directly correlates to what’s going on in my brain. I can’t wait to get answers because yesterday mu anxiety was so bad. My chest was tight all day and I also didn’t get good sleep last night either. I woke up at 1230am and took some more sleeping medicine and then woke up again at 640am. The past few days this has been my sleeping pattern. Going to sleep late, waking up in the middle of the night then waking up before my alarm. I just want to get through this. It’s truly hard feeling this way and having to function on my daily activities.

Day 99

My neurotransmitter test is complete and I cannot wait to get the results of all my testing to finally get answers. I noticed if I take 50mg or more of cbd my anxiety lessons so at this time I am requiring a lot of cbd than normal. I havnt really been sleeping either even with my medicine. It’s been hard to fall asleep then I wake up in the middle of the night and wake up again before my alarm. This is truly frustrating I wish I knew why and what is going on but I should know soon. I can’t wait to this whole coronavirus scare ends because it’s definitely not good for my mental health or business.

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