Post Birth Control Journey Week 15

What can I say life is just shitty right now. As I am mostly a positive person this hormonal imbalance has got me in a huge funk plus this coronavirus shit is not eloping my anxiety. I am sorry that I am being real and blunt but today I am not ok and I have not been ok since this quarantine. I am praying that you all are staying strong. Our mental health during this time is so freaking important. Please take time for yourself and stay distracted as much as you can because that will help you from living in fear everyday. As for me I am doing all I can do to control my emotions but my body is just so fucked up nothing is working. I pray that I can see my doctor next week but we shall see. Please pray for all who are struggling during this time.

My week in review

Day 100

I feel like I’m being repetitive on how I feel but it’s just that I feel the same and am dealing with the same shit that still hasn’t gone away. I have to exercise patients but it’s hate when you currently feel crappy. This past week has been hard I’m hardly sleeping and anxiety is high all day. Hormonal imbalance is some evil shit because anything I do it’s works for a bit then I’m back to feeling hopeless. The positive thing is I will knew soon what’s going on with my body after doing several testing with my new doctor. The waiting game and just keeping my head above water.

Day 101

Rough anxiety morning heart pounding out of my chest but I did sleep through the night without being woken by my husbands snores. For the past 2 days I kept busy with interviews and today I plan to hopefully clean if I have the energy and just try to relax even though it’s still hard to relax with anxiety I get so restless and over my feelings. Praying this will all be over soon.

Day 102/103

Been feeling fatigued and tired all week. I have absolutely no energy and it’s frustrating because it’s making me so lazy but good news yesterday I worked out and my heart didn’t feel like it was going to come out my Chest and my face is no longer dry maybe the supplements is finally working.

Day 104

Waking up with anxiety thinking about all the things u have to do is such a burden. Yesterday I had really bad anxiety all day as well. The worst symptom I experience is the palpitations feeling my heart beat so fast makes it hard to breath sometimes but working on breathing techniques that help me get out of that feeling.

Day 105

Palpitations in the am for the past 2 weeks or so. Everyday it feels like my anxiety gets worse due to the coronavirus and not having my hormones balanced. I am hoping my doctor received my test results so that we can really see what’s going on in my body. I’m so tired of feeling this way.

Day 106

I feel like I’m losing hope and belief in Myself. Since we have been in quarantine I have to be honest I’m not ok but I’m trying to stay strong and positive. I hope I get to see my doctor next week or she does something virtually because my hormonal

Imbalance is just horrible to deal with on top of this pandemic. It’s doing no good for my own anxiety. I know exactly what to do for my anxiety but because my labs are out of whack it’s just not doing much. Can’t wait until this is all over.

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