Post Birth Control Journey Week 16

It getting harder to deal with this everyday. My labs came back and everything is the opposite of what I though it would be. My iodine is elevated and my B vitamins. I was told to stop all supplements. Now I am not sleeping as good as I was and I feel like it started when the doctor gave me Thyromend. My body is really going through some shit and its frustrating to feel like im not getting the help I deserve. I had 2 appointments within like 4 days and got nothing accomplished. Now im suppose to stop everything and start something for my anxiety since its been so so bad. I dont understand this journey because if my thyroid is causing my anxiety why are we nit firing my thyroid. Using something for anxiety is not going to fix my thyroid which means ill still have anxiety. I don know thats just how my mind thinks. Am I right? Im starting to break down and just feel hopeless. Im going to take the next few days off to rest and I no longer can workout just yoga. Praying for my healing please pray I need all the positivity that I can get.

My Week in review

Day 107

Today was a bad emotional day. I got some of my labs back and I was shocked on how many things were elevated. Things that I thought would be low was actually high so I had to stop a lot of supplements. I still don’t feel like this new doctor is helping me and I feel desperate. All she told me to do was stop the supplements but that’s not what is making me feel like shit. I think I’ll find a new one which is truly frustrating to have to keep going to different doctors

Day 108

Today feeling hopeless and unmotivated. I plan to rest but resting makes me feel so guilty. I know I should compare myself to others but seeing other women killing at this tine makes me frustrated with myself but I have to remember it’s my journey and because I’m sick it’s ok to rest I need it.

Day 109/110

To be honest I have been stress eating I need to stop that shit. I feel so hopeless sigh everything it’s hurt driving me to eat things I shouldn’t. I did rest all weekend barely did anything but my anxiety is still high. Idk what to do anymore

Day 111

Weekdays have been rough for me because I know I have things to do it gives me anxiety. I havnt been sleeping well at all either. Doesn’t matter how late I go to bed I’m still waking up way before my alarm so I’m definitely not getting enough sleep. I want to know what changed because I was sleeping fine a month ago

Day 112

This battle is getting hard to fight. Another doctors appointment today just praying for solutions idk what else to do.

Day 113

Doctors appointment was a waste of my time. This is so frustrating. I’m so tired of dealing with this. I just want my life back. I also had a night sweat last night.

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