Post Birth Control Journey Week 17

It has been a hell of a ride. I seen a new doctor this week a naturopath and I had a whole hour to tell her my problems. I got a whole new plan and be honest ut made me anxious with all the new supplements and things I have to do but I have to do this to feel better. Thats the thing with anxiety is trying new things always gives me anxiety but when I do them then im like ok thats not that bad. All I want is to feel better. Its been to fucking long feeling this way im just praying my investment its going to work and help me because everything was out of pocket

Here is my week in review

Day 114

I think I found a new doctor she is a naturopath but I’m so scared to put out more money and not feel better. Good news is that all my labs came back and my only issue is my thyroid so that makes me happy that is not a whole bunch of issues. I’ll bake the decision in a few days. Later on the day noticed breast tenderness

Day 115

Rested all Friday and haven’t worked out since Wednesday noticed I’m not as sluggish. Working out really does set me back but I miss my old self. Breast still tender

Day 116/117

Woke up with cramps going to try this new product called Rosie to help with cramps since I’m staying away from pain killers. I did officially get my period for 3 months straight with a 26-27 day cycle. I Tried Rosie and it works wonders cramps gone within 30 mins with no bad chemicals

Day 118

Today I have an appointment with the naturopath doctor. I’m definitely nervous because I just want her to be good especially that everything is out of pocket. Woke up with anxiety but not as bad as it normally is in the am. I no longer can workout so can only do yoga which I’m not too happy about. I have been eating horribly so I definitely have fears of gaming weight. Need to do better

Day 119

Had my doctors appointment felt good about her because I felt like someone finally listened to me. Hoping for the best

Day 120

Yesterday I had a good day anxiety was low and was Able to workout regular. I was surprised I wasn’t tired and I got 8 hours of sleep but during the night anxiety got bad and I don’t think I got a lot of sleep last night and of course awake with anxiety. This has gone on for too long. I need this to be over

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