Post Birth Control Journey Week 18

My life feels like a shit show. Sometimes I think to myself I should have just stayed on birth control an deal with the symptoms but I know what I did was the right decision I just have to be patient with my healing. Its always going on 4 months. I started my new regimen yesterday and it really anxious about it. This week has been awful and its only Wednesday. I feel like im drowning in may own thoughts and my anxiety is taking over me. I am always a positive person but right now its really hard to be. I just want my body back to normal

Week in review

Day 121/122

Same shit different day yesterday was a bad anxiety day but working out did help stop the palpitations. I didn’t have much energy but I pushed through anyway. Hoping for a better day

Day 123/124/125

My days are all starting to blend together. I’m not feeling as shitty but my anxiety is still really high. I am awaiting all my new supplements to get started on my new plan. I am anxious about it because it’s just alot to take and do and with my anxiety new routines always give me anxiety. Praying for the best.

Day 126

My heart is not pounding like it has been in the nothing but I don’t have a desire to get out of bed and work. Feeling extremely depressed and lost.

Day 127/128

I started my new regimen with the doctor and to be honest it makes me anxious with all the things I need to Take and no but thankfully with being in quarantine I have time time to do it all. I just hope I don’t need to be on all this for too long.

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