Post Birth Control Journey Week 21

Back to the struggle bus. I had like a very good week then I started to have great tenderness and cramps that started last week about Tuesday I believe which was May 5th I think so I have had a week of periods systems with feeling tired and sluggish for a week but it got worse on Monday which was May 11th. Now I am batting myself again but I am more positive I have ever been. Just focusing on self care with my mediation, affirmations and journaling. I am just praying that this is just my period and not my symptoms coming back form the hormonal imbalance. I woke up today with anxiety but not as bad as before. The still point really helps and mediation as well as CBD gets those morning anxieties controlled. Ill be seeing my therapist this friday and then I have another doctors appointment the beginning of June. Praying my mood gets better soon. That week s energy and motivation. was awesome and I need that back.

My week in review

Day 144

No period yet hmmm I wonder because now I am taking a new regimen that my cycle is going to change. I had the breast tenderness but now that’s gone. Just waiting for it to come but I’m feeling tired today still waking up way before my alarm bit late night I ended up falling asleep on my own without meds.

Day 145

Oh im so tired today my anxiety feels best. I woke up at 6am but stood in bed. My body is achy and my back has been hurting again but I’m grateful I’m feeling much better. Yesterday I felt cramps but no period yet.

Day 146

I’m so confused still no period but have had breast tenderness for like a week and cramping for 2 days. I seen a therapist yesterday and it went well. I am glad I took the leap to talk to someone that can professional help me with my thinking.

Day 147/148

still no period but getting on and off cramps I think my body is trying to regulate itself again. Looking like a 30 day cycle which I am more happy about. Anxiety is getting better I am now sleeping 6-8 hours again. Things are getting better.

Day 149

My body feels heavy and tired I don’t feel like getting up I’ll take a little rest since I have been working hard all week. No period yet. I snacked last nights but it’s been a whole since I did but won’t do it again. I can feel crappy because of the snacks I ate last night.

Day 150

Yesterday was such an off day. I wasn’t productive at all just wasn’t feeling my best. Breast tenderness and cramps are still here but no period. Today I woke up around 440am so I didn’t get ss much sleep I went to be at 11pm. Feeling tired but I can never really get back to sleep. My mind wonders she starts to think of things I need to do or think negatively about what I’m doing as far as not believing in myself but I am working with my therapist with all of that.

Day 151

Day 33 of my cycle and still no period. Since Sunday I have been feeling really off like tired and fatigued with not a lot of energy and motivation. Ugh this is annoying because I just remember last week feeling so good I just want that feeling back.

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