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I do not know about you but I love to staying organized and reaching goals. Pigly is a website that helps you set goals by providing calculators to help you organize your entire life. As a business owner and overall person who just loves to keep things in order this site is amazing and helps me a ton.

Pigly has budget planning, saving calculators, investment calculators, retirement calculators, loan calculators, credit card calculators, debt calculators, automotive calculators, mortgage calculators, business calculators and so much more. I know when I eliminated 72K of debt back in 2016 their debt Calculator would have helped me so much. So its super cool that they have this calculator.

What I love most is that there are even health calculators like quit smoking, weight loss and weight gain. You all know I love health/fitness stuff and tracking is the best way to see if you are getting any results. Now lets talk about my favorite calculator; the weight loss calculator. So many people want to lose weight but do not even know how to start. As a personal trainer the most common questions I receive is how much should I be eating. PIGLY literally calculates the calories you should be eating for you and its so SIMPLE. All you have to do is plug in your basic information like gender, age, height, weight, activity, and your goal. After plugging in all that information it will give you the calories you should follow to maintain weight, calories to get to your goal weight and even calories to maintain that goal weight. LIKE WHAT!!!! this is the best tool ever if you are really trying to stay focused and lose weight. Below is an example of what this calculator can do for you.

Try the Weight loss Calculator HERE

If you are seriously trying to organize your life by saving money, eliminating debt or even just trying to figure out your calories to lose or gain weight ; check out PIGLY HERE

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