24 Weeks Prego

Weeks: #24weekspregnant ⁣ ⁣ How big is baby: Pomegranate ⁣ Food cravings: All the carbs & Mountain Dew ⁣ Food aversions: Nothing

Symptoms: Upper Back pain and feet start to hurt after being up for to long. Going to acupuncture and chiropractor to help.

Struggles: I can barely shave my legs or vagina correctly. I need help with tying my shoes and getting up but I try my best to be independent lol. I have the weirdest sleep schedule. I’m up by 3:30am or 4:30am sometimes 1:30am and won’t fall back to sleep until 6am or 7am. I’m so uncomfortable with pants and sleeping.

Movement: She moves and kicks pretty much all day. I love when rajohn gets to feel her kicks. ⁣ Ultrasounds: We got our 3D US at 22 weeks. My husband finally got to see her. It was such a joy seeing his excitement. we got to see her precious face. We will go back nov 18. ⁣ Nursery: Room painted; all we have to do is set up the furniture and decorate.

Baby Name: We choose a name before we knew we were having a Girl. We won’t be sharing her name until she is born. ⁣ Energy levels: Always tired ⁣ Maternity clothes: I really don’t look forward to getting dressed. I wish I had cute pregnancy clothes but then I have no energy to get cute but bought some clothes for this cold weather. ⁣ Birth Plan: Natural Birth at a birthing center with midwife and doula

Baby Shower: Set for Nov 21 with limited invites due to the times and a drive by. ⁣ I can’t believe I am 6 months with 3 more months to go. The anxiety and fear is definitely starting on how will I get through this labor and how my life is going to completely change but what helps me daily stay calm is seeing how ready and excited my husband is to be a daddy.

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